Tuesday, August 25, 2009

where did my summer go?

i feel like summer has just flown by. wasn't it just starting yesterday? i guess not. breaks from school have definitely spoiled me. especially since i get to spend all my time with addison.

this is my first summer off from college that i'm actually going back in the fall. let me explain....i was in college for a year, then took off the fall semester. i was pregnant and didn't want to go into labor in the middle of class. i did work the whole time, but no school is no school. so i had the summer plus the fall semester off.

when i had addison, i couldn't decide if i should go back to work, or just stay at home with addison. daycare is pretty expensive. i would be making just enough to pay for daycare, so chris and i decided that it would be better for me to just stay home with addison. chris makes enough to support all of us, so i'm very lucky! i get to spend every day with my little girl.

the only thing with not going back to work was i wouldn't have insurance. since chris and i aren't married, they won't cover me on his insurance. and insurance is EXPENSIVE. so, i decided to go back to school. i can be covered that way, and i needed to go back to school. so it all worked out! i figured going back to school after a semester off would be easier than going back after a few years off.

and it was pretty easy, getting back into the swing of going class. it was kind of nice, having a little time away from the house. and i'm an avid car singer, so on the way to school, i really jam out. i can't really blast the music with a baby in the back seat. i'm sure when addison gets older, she'll enjoy singing in the car with me :)

so even though i'm not exactly looking forward to going back to school, i'm looking forward to getting it over with. and having all my long breaks to spend with addison!