Monday, August 31, 2009

family birthdays

last night, chris, addison and i went to my aunt and uncle's house to celebrate some of our family birthdays. we have a lot of family birthdays all grouped together. my dad's birthday is today, august 31st. his older brother (my uncle) is less than a year older than him, born on september 4th. and their youngest sister (my aunt) was born on september 9th. so there's just a cluster of birthdays. also, my cousin rachel's birthday is august 25th, and chris' birthday is september 9th.

it was a beautiful day. the weather was cooler than usual, and it was just perfect to sit outside for dinner. there weren't any nasty bugs (i'm not a bug person). and addison got to play in the grass for the first time! she liked it a lot.

she was starting to get fussy, which i had expected (between her afternoon nap and bedtime is her 'fussy' time. she doesn't get a nap in the evening, so she gets a little cranky). so i just plopped her in the grass and she had a big time.

her second cousin, georgia, came and played with her in the grass. georgia is so good with addison. and so is her brother, james, one of addison's other second cousins. i think it's because they want a little brother or sister. maybe addison will be enough for them....

on a side note, i started school today. it wasn't bad at all. i wasn't as nervous as i was starting class last spring. i don't know why. but it's good. i didn't really care that i didn't know anyone in my classes. that's how it was last spring, and i met some people. as it turned out, i knew someone in my first class, and recognized some people in my other class.

what i'm not looking forward to is having homework. but hopefully i'll be able to quickly get back into my routine of doing school work. i don't really want to get back into that routine, but i know i need to. and i have some small breaks from school, and then thanksgiving and christmas break will be here before i know it.

here are some pictures of tybee and chris cuddling this afternoon :)