Friday, August 14, 2009


for a while, i thought addison was teething. well, that was a good 3 months ago, and still no teeth. i started to worry, but her doctor told me that some babies don't get teeth until their first birthday. so who knows when addison will get her first tooth. i've read that you can tell when your baby is going to get teeth by how old the parents were when they got their first tooth. well, neither of us know that. so that's not very helpful. i check addison's mouth everyday (which she hates). it's actually kind of funny.

another thing that addison has yet to do is crawl. and now that she has her cast, i'm kind of doubting she'll be able to. at least not until she gets that thing off. maybe she'll just go straight to walking. but if she's anything like me (i didn't walk until 17 months), she'll be fine just laying around for a while. i would laugh if once she gets the cast off, she starts crawling immediately. who knows.

she does love to jump in her jump-a-roo though. it's kind of hard for her to now with the cast, but she's figured it out. my mom (gigi to addison) bought addison a walker, so addison has been enjoying that too. she can only go backwards now, but i'm sure she'll figure out how to go forward soon enough.

i guess it's just a waiting game on the teeth, crawling and walking now!