Sunday, August 16, 2009

sunday reading

so i've decided that sundays are going to be about a book (or books) that i have read or am reading. this will be my day to talk about something i'm doing. and since i've been reading a lot lately (weird, right??), it should be easy for me to have a different book every week.

the most recent book i read was the time traveler's wife. the only reason i started reading it was because i saw it was going to be made into a movie. i wanted to read the book before i saw the movie, so i would know what to expect. let me just go ahead and tell you, the book was quite confusing. at least at first. once i got the hang of the way the book was formatted, it wasn't as hard to read. but you really have to think and figure out the different years and think 'what happened then?'. ok, i'm getting a little too into the book. i will say, it's got its sad parts. but most of the books i've read do have some sad parts. i do think it was a great book, and would encourage you to read it (it is kind of a girly book though).

i went to see the movie last night. i had seen the previews about a million times, and wanted to cry every time i saw it. having that said, i tried to mentally prepare myself for the movie. i will tell you, it wasn't near as sad as i thought it would be. the movie left out some of the things i thought were important in the book, but i know they can't always fit everything in the 2 hours of the movie. as usual, the book was better than the movie. but it was still a good movie. i would encourage you to read the book before seeing the movie, because books always have more detail in them than the movies do.

well, that was a nice change. i haven't started reading any new books yet, so if you have any suggestions, let me know!