Sunday, August 23, 2009

cool breeze

today has been a gorgeous day. it's been cool, and overcast. really nice for this time of the year. i went to get breakfast with my dad and addison at Star Bagel. we met my grandmother, aunt and uncle there. i just LOVE that place. and addison seems to like it too. even though she doesn't get to eat anything from there. but i'm sure she'll love eating their food once she can!

once we got home, she took a nap. and as soon as she woke up, i started taking pics. we took them in the crib, on the floor, outside with daddy and tybee, just about everywhere.

AND i've been playing with photoshop, so i've tweaked them a bit. pretty fun stuff!


addison enjoying the weather
addison and daddy
addison and mommy
sticking that tongue out
trying to crawl
what's in that basket?
give me that camera!