Tuesday, August 18, 2009

picture perfect

i've never really been much of a photographer, but now i'm taking A LOT of pictures. i try to take a lot of addison so i can share them with people, and also so i'll remember these days. i didn't take that many when she was little bitty (which i'm regretting now), but i'm trying to take as many as i can now. especially now that she has her cast and helmet.

i usually take pictures with my phone, and occasionally with my digital camera. but i borrowed my dad's camera yesterday and have been taking pictures like crazy. his camera is one of those big ones with the special lenses and all that jazz. it takes the best pictures. although i think i might be thinking that because it's a cool camera. but i really have enjoyed taking a lot of pictures of addison.

here are some of the pictures i've taken so far of addison (and some of our dog, tybee).