Wednesday, September 2, 2009

little one

chris has started to call addison 'little one'. i think it is so cute. i don't know why. i call her pookie, addie, sis, and i'm sure many more things that i can't think of. but chris pretty much sticks with 'little one'. it just makes me smile when he calls her that :)

today was my long day of class. since i haven't described my schedule, i will now. my first class is economics. i've had my teacher before, for a different economics class. he is really monotone and quite confusing. but hopefully i'll be able to stay awake. my next class is biology. my teacher is kind of strange, but most science teachers are. he doesn't seem to have a good sense of time, because we've had to tell him when class is up. maybe it's because he is just so into what he's teaching. my last class (at least on monday's and friday's) is american history. i'm not a history person, but i think this class is going to be the most barable of them all. i have a biology lab on wednesdays, so that makes my day really long. but i survived it today. i also have a tennessee history class online. and my teacher for that is also my other history teacher. i'm a computer/math person, and i've had some sort of class that incorporates those things in the past. so hopefully i can survive without them this semester!

addison and tybee are such good playmates......