Sunday, September 13, 2009

sunday reading...kind of

well, i haven't actually read a book this week. unless you count three 15 page articles for my history classes as reading a book. reading those isn't exactly what i would consider enjoyable.

i really want to read the book wicked is based on. it's called Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West. i haven't been to a musical in years. and i really don't remember the ones i've been to. i remember going, but i don't remember the whole thing. i didn't know if i would like wicked last night. but i was excited to go. everyone i know that has gone has said it was great. and it really was. i was watching it thinking 'i wish i could sing and dance like them'. ha. i only think that while i was watching the play. it just looks like a lot of fun. maybe i'll go to more musicals.

while i was out last night, addison got to spend the night with my dad. she's really good with all of her family. my dad said she did great and didn't have trouble with her at all. i missed her, even though i was only gone from her for about 14 hours. and 11 of those she was asleep.

she was super excited to come home though. she has started to scream when she sees chris. it's like she gets so excited she can't control it. she doesn't scream when she sees me. she just cries if she can't see me.

i think she missed her jumper last night too. she has been going crazy in that thing lately. we put her in there, and she'll jump non stop. she just keeps going. she never jumped before. once she had her cast, she started to jump with her good leg. and now that she doesn't have a cast, she can definitely jump.

i'm still pretty hung up on her crawling. i hope she does sometime soon. i don't really want her to skip to walking. maybe she will though. i know i say i want her to crawl, but once it happens i'll probably be biting my tongue.


The Pollans said...

Oh I know the wait when it comes to a sick child and a doctors office is very concerning. ugh. I cant even imagine what your situation was, thats terrible. Hope your precious daughter starts to crawl soon and yes, although its cute and a milestone, you will bite your tounge at times. haha Have a good week!