Thursday, September 24, 2009


let me just go ahead and say i am so glad wednesday is over with. i had 2 quizzes and 2 tests. ughhh. but i survived. and i feel a lot better now that it's all over with.

so, it's officially setting in that summer is over. and i'm confused all over again. i wrote here how i was confused with my days when school started. and now that i've adjusted to that, it has started getting darker earlier. my body thinks it's time to go to bed earlier than before. so i'm tired earlier, and i don't like it!

don't get me wrong, i love fall. mainly because it means winter is getting closer. but getting adjusted it the part i don't like. i'll get used to it soon, and then i'll be back to normal.

i'm so excited about fall! i love when it starts to get cool, and i can wear hoodies and jackets. i like layering and wearing my warm uggs. although they are looking kind of rough, so maybe i'll ask for a new pair for christmas. before i get ahead of myself, i'll talk about how excited i am about all of the upcoming holidays, in order...

i never liked decorating for halloween until chris and i moved into our apartment. i remember last year going to target on my day off and buying a bunch of decorations. then, my mom and i went to hobby lobby and bought even more decorations. haha. i just like being festive. even though i had to work the night of halloween last year. booo. but i won't have to this year! and our house will be all decorated...with probably even more decorations than last year :) i still haven't found the perfect costume for addison's first halloween, but i'm sure i'll find it soon. i really haven't been looking yet.

a new holiday that we get to celebrate from now on is addison's birthday! i'm so excited. it's right in between chris's birthday and my birthday. i can't wait to plan her first party. and get her all dressed up! i'm sure we'll get a ton of decorations. ahhh i can't wait! i should probably go ahead and start planning now!

i don't really get that excited about thanksgiving. there isn't much to decorate for that. but i do like going to eat with all my family. last year i had planned on going (still pregnant) to all the family dinners, but addison decided to come early. so she got to have her first thanksgiving at only 6 days old. and after thanksgiving, you can start decorating for christmas!

ok, christmas is my absolute favorite holiday! i love love love decorating for christmas. my mom has 3 trees, and i used to put up atleast 2 of them. we only have 1 tree, but we don't have as much room as my mom. last year, addison's first shopping outing was on black friday. my mom and i went to a few stores, but nothing big. i wanted to go to kohl's to look at decorations for our christmas tree. let me just say, we went at 9 and there was a line wrapped around the store. and the store had been open since 4!! it was crazy. but we went to this christmas decoration store and i got a bunch of stuff. and that night i set up our tree :) this christmas is going to be a lot different. even though addison was here last christmas, she was doing anything so she didn't really play with her presents. but this year she's bigger and she plays more. i'm so excited for addison's toys to be all under the tree!! my dad didn't have a christmas tree, so i bought him a little one with a few ornaments. i was the one who put it up when i was younger, but now that i don't stay there anymore, he doesn't put it up. but he did get a cardboard one last year. atleast he had something!!

i'm so excited about everything coming up! and with holidays means breaks from school. so that makes them even better! i'll make sure to post pictures of everything that's decorated for each holiday!! and, of course pictures of addison in her holiday outfits!