Sunday, September 27, 2009

pretty day

chris decided to take a little vacation for the next week. he had vacation time to use, so he just went ahead and used it. he gets very antsy if he has to just sit at home on his day(s) off. so i'm wondering how this week is going to go, since i have school and homework. he also likes to clean when he's at home. and by clean, i mean throw everything away that isn't where it's supposed to be. i'm kind of scared leaving him home alone while i go to school. haha. but he already "cleaned" what he wanted to, so maybe he won't do anything major the rest of the week.

going along with his antsiness, he really wanted to go out of town this weekend, but we never could get anything together. so yesterday, being football day, he went to buffalo wild wings with one of his fellow georgia friends to watch the game. addison and i stayed home and bonded (and i did some homework too). so that took care of saturday for chris.

today, we got up early and went to breakfast with my dad and my grandmother. we went to star bagel, which is amazing. i've been going there for years and they have the best cream cheese. i always get the cucumber cream cheese, and it's delicious. it doesn't taste like cucumber at all. it's kind of like panera, but it's not a chain. soooo good.

after, chris wanted to go shopping or something. he just wanted to get out of the house. it was really pretty today, so i didn't really mind. we just had to figure out what to do. my mom suggested going to the multicultural festival at the park, so we decided to go. my mom came with us, and we left right after addison finished her lunch. we had to stop at at&t (which is where chris works) to get my iPhone a new sim card. they came out with new settings which lets it send picture text messages. well, i updated mine, and it didn't work. then last night, i updated my mom's (the same way i did mine) and her's worked! but now my works. yay!

we headed over to centennial park after that.

this is me, chris and addison by the train

this is the nashville

it wasn't the multicultural festival like we thought, but there was something going on. they had a bunch of tents set up with people who were selling things they had made. it was kind of nasty (since it's been raining constantly all week). we all wore flip flops, but we didn't get that messy (thank goodness). we tried to stay away from the mud as much as we could. i did see some people who took their shoes off and had mud all up their legs. no thanks! we didn't buy anything, but it was fun to look. most of that stuff is pretty pricey. if i had something specific i had wanted, i might have bought it if i found it. but i wasn't looking for anything. just enjoying the weather!

since we were in the park, we took the opportunity to take some pretty outside pictures.
here's me, my mom and addison

mommy and daughter :)

our family