Wednesday, September 16, 2009

rain, rain, go away

so, i knew it was going to be raining today, but i had hoped maybe it wouldn't start until i got home from class. well i was wrong. i woke up, looked at the weather on my phone and realized it was already raining. so i had to make a decision. curl or straighten my hair. wow, big decision (sarcasm). i decided to just straighten it (this shows my hope for the rain stopping before class).

well, i'm sitting here, 15 minutes before i have to leave for class, and it's pouring. i've had one cup of coffee and i'm thinking about having another. just because i get really sleepy on rainy days. i kind of like when it rains while i'm in class, because i don't feel like i'm missing out on a nice sunny day. but i hate walking in the rain. i guess i'll just get my umbrella and tough it out.

this is my view of the rain from my desk.....

and this is the new pond that has formed behind our house

(it only happens when it rains a lot really fast)

oh, and this morning i was on a pacifier hunt. i went in to check on addison before i fixed my hair, and i could see her little head moving around in her crib. i just watched because i thought it was kind of funny and cute. i knew she was looking for her paci, but she couldn't find it. so when she started to cry, i went in to give it to her. well, guess what. i couldn't find it either. if she can't find it, it usually means it's stuck somewhere under her bumper pad, or sometimes addison is laying on it. but this time, it was under her crib. she had somehow pushed it out. so i was looking everywhere for it and she was starting to whine. i finally found it and now hopefully she's asleep again.

now i'm off to school...still raining. let's hope i don't melt!