Thursday, September 17, 2009

helmet update

i haven't really posted anything about addison's helmet lately, so i thought i would now. her helmet is getting kind of tight, so i'm going to try to take her to get it cut down inside. it's not bad putting it on her, but taking it off has gotten a little harder. i think her sweat is making it stick to her head now. hopefully i can get her an appointment for early next week.

as far as her head shaping, i can't really tell. i see her head every day, so i haven't noticed anything big. chris and my mom both think they can see a difference, but i can't really. her hair has gotten really thick though. i don't know if that has anything to do with the helmet or not. but i know that it hasn't prevented her hair from growing. it sticks out of the ear holes in the helmet and curls up. it's pretty cute.

i find it kind of funny that people still can't tell that addison is a girl. i mean, she has on a pink helmet. do people really think someone would put a pink helmet on a boy? maybe so. i just find it really humorous when someone comes up and asks why my little boy has a helmet. i mean, sometimes she's not in the girliest clothing, but i usually dress her in something that looks girly. i don't guess whether a baby is a boy or girl unless i am certain what it is.

i realized that i never explained the whole detailed process (it's not really that detailed) of getting a helmet, so i thought i would do it now...since i'm already talking about it.

after we had gone to dr. kelly and he told us he recommended we get addison a helmet (and after we had decided that's what we wanted to do) we had to make an appointment to have the helmet made. it's a different office than dr. kelly's, but it's really close and they are very nice. the appointment wasn't for another week, so i had some time to get mentally prepared.

the couple that we met while waiting at dr. kelly's office the first time really helped me by telling me what to expect. their daughter screamed the whole time, but luckily, addison didn't do any of that.

the first appointment was to get a mold of addison's head. the appointment was only going to last 30 minutes, so i figured it couldn't be that bad. we had a big gang come with us (my mom, dad, chris and me) because i wanted to have people just in case we needed some one. i don't know, i just wanted to be prepared. they put this little thing on addison's head and it looked like a ski mask, but with a big hole in the front for her whole face. the woman who did the mold put the first section, which went around the back of addison's head on first. it had to sit for 5 minutes. addison did great that whole time. she didn't care. she had her paci and a toy and she was set. the second section went on her forehead and on top of her head. addison didn't like that one as much. the first section was still on, so her whole head was covered. but it only had to be on for 5 minutes, so it really wasn't bad. i was more upset than addison i think. it just made me sad to see her like that, and to know that soon she would have a helmet.

addison with her sort of ski mask on

addison getting the first section of the mold put on

addison getting the second section of the mold put on

all done!

the next appointment wasn't for another week and a half. it was the fitting. they said it would take about 30 minutes, then we could leave for 2 hours, then come back for another 30 minutes. my mom was with me for that appointment, and i had planned on letting addison nap for the 2 hours. once we got to the appointment, they put the foam mold on addison's head and made marks on it for where they needed to cut it out (for the ear holes, and to not have it in her eyes). they said to come back in 45 minutes, so addison only got a 30 minute nap. when we got back, they had to put the helmet on and take it off a few times to trim it down a little more. that didn't make addison too happy. she just wasn't used to the feeling and didn't like being awake.

addison passed out in the car on the way home. when we got home, she slept a little longer, then ate then went back to sleep. i was scared she wouldn't be able to sleep, but she did great. it was just one of those days when we can't really stick to her schedule, and it changed a little bit. and the day after, she was back to normal.

ever since, things have been as great as ever. addison is used to her helmet, and she enjoys her breaks from wearing it (she gets 3, 20 minute breaks. one when she gets up, one in the afternoon, and one right before bedtime so she can take a bath). i think the last of those is her favorite. she loves bath time. and i do too, because before bedtime is usually when she's the grumpiest, so bath time always makes her happy.

addison has had her helmet for 2 months now, and she's doing great. she'll probably have to have it for another 4 months, but we're almost half way there! maybe we'll get lucky and she'll get it off early!

if anyone has any questions about the process, feel free to ask!