Tuesday, September 15, 2009

new moon

i'm really not a fan of the MTV movie awards, but i watched it for one reason. the new moon preview. one of the MTV awards (who can keep up with them all. they have so many) gave the first look at new moon a while ago. of course i watched that too. i am kind of obsessed. i saw twilight 5 times. and i didn't even think it was that good. i just loved the book, so i wanted to see the movie...a lot. i can't imagine how many times i'm going to see new moon.

supposedly, new moon is going to premiere early in knoxville at the big theater there. and they say the actors are going to be there. they haven't said which ones, and i have no clue how to get tickets. but i really want to go. and some of my friends want to go too. a few of them live in knoxville, so that's quite convenient for me. we'll see how that works out.

here's the a link to the trailer from the MTV movie awards. i'm soooooo excited!!!!!


if you haven't read the books, you really should. it makes some parts of the movie have meaning that wouldn't have if you hadn't read about it.

oh, and here's a fun fact. addison was born the same day that twilight came out in theaters!