Friday, September 25, 2009

early bird

i went to bed last night after the season premiere of grey's anatomy. of course i had to stay up and watch it!! i really don't remember if i watched the season finale last year, but even if i did, i don't remember what happened. apparently george was hit by a bus and then he died last night. i can't wait for the rest of the season! i'm not really a big fan of 2 hours worth of a show, but last night was ok. i like when grey's is 1 hour, because it's usually a lot of stuff happening really quick.

so, i went to bed after grey's and i heard this strange noise. then i realized it was raining. great. more rain. then chris came to bed because the satellite went out, so he couldn't watch tv any more. and he was snoring, so i had a hard time falling asleep. ughhhh!!

i have been getting up extra early so far this semester (let's see how long it lasts). i just like having a lot of time to relax and not rush in the morning. and it gives me time to blog too (obviously). last year i didn't have a class until 10, but it was a computer class so i only went for the first 2 weeks and then did everything from my laptop at home. so i didn't have a class until 11. that was really nice. but, i chose to have a class at 9 this semester, so i have to get up early. but let me tell you, it is SO much better than an 8 o'clock class. i would probably die if i had one of those.

and since vol state has a record amount of students this semester, it is packed. the traffic was horrible the first week getting into campus and leaving. now it's not bad getting into campus, but it's still horrible trying to leave. i think everyone gets out of class at the same time (which is also the time i get out on mondays and fridays) so i'm stuck with everyone trying to leave. oh and parking. ughhh. it is horrible. last spring i could park really close to my class. this semester, i park really far away from my first class. only because that's the only place that has parking open! but it is close to my last class. so it doesn't take me as long to get from that class to my car. it's still just a pain. especially when it's it's supposed to do again today!!

well, i'm off to finish getting ready and possibly write a little bit of an essay. let's hope it doesn't rain until i get home. or even until i get in my car to come home. i just don't want to get wet!!