Monday, September 21, 2009

10 months

addison, you're 10 months old today!

what have you been doing lately?

  • you're already wearing 12 month clothes. you go big girl!
  • you eat 4 meals a day. usually fruit for breakfast, a jar of veggies or meat and a jar of fruit for lunch, dinner, and before bedtime, and you have started snacking on yogurt melts. you really love those now!
  • you still don't have any teeth, but it seems like you might be getting one (or multiple). you've started biting everything (including mommy and daddy's noses).
  • you're a great sleeper. i'm so lucky for that. you take 2 naps that usually last about 2 hours each. you go to bed around 8, and aren't up until 8 the next morning!
  • you haven't exactly figured out crawling yet, but you're starting to get interested.

  • you still just roll around everywhere. you've become a pro.
  • you're starting to try and pull up on things. you'll bounce in our laps by pulling up on our shirts. it's very cute.

  • you absolutely love bath time. you have a ton of bath toys, but you usually play with your book. i think you'll be a reader.
  • you are now jumping like crazy in your jumparoo. you used to just sit in it, but now you jump like you're about to lift off.

  • you enjoy messing with your four legged older brother. he hates when you touch his paws, so you constantly do it. it's very funny to watch.
  • you have started to wave at people. whenever you see someone, you wave. it's so cute. i love how you're so excited to see new people all the time!
  • you have been saying "mama" and "dada" for a while now, but you don't say them as much as you used to. it's ok though, it just makes it more special when you do say it! you have started to say "bubba" too, but i don't think you know what it is you're saying.

you have been such a good baby your whole life (all 10 months of it!). you've made it so easy for me to be a mommy. you've always been really happy and laid back. i can't believe how much you've grown. it makes me sad to see you get so big, but i can't wait to see you grow up into a little girl, and then a young woman. but that won't be for a while :) i'm sure it'll fly by though. i mean, in two months you'll be 1! i can't believe it's almost been a year since you were born!

we love you so much and can't imagine our lives without you!


Judi said...

What a beautiful tribute to Addison! She looks very happy in her 10th month.

The Pollans said...

She is a doll! Happy little girl. And, her big brother, handsome :)