Wednesday, September 30, 2009

helmet update

chris to addison to see dr. kelly on monday. it was just a routine, monthly helmet checkup. dr. kelly is only there on mondays and wednesdays, which are the days i have class. so i couldn't go. chris took her, but i had my mom meet him there. i didn't know how addison would do, so i thought it would be good to have my mom there too. if you can't tell already, i like to be prepared, especially when it comes to stuff with addison.

chris and my mom both said that everyone at dr. kelly's office were impressed by how addison's head is shaping. she's only had the helmet for a little over 2 months, and dr. kelly said she probably will only have it a few more months. hopefully by a few, he means 2 or 3. she was originally supposed to have it for 6 months, but i was hoping for her to get out of it early.

they didn't do any adjustment to her helmet at restorative health. i thought it was getting too tight, but they told chris that it was good for it to be tight. if addison gets any red spots on her head from the helmet being too tight (that don't go away in 20 minutes), that's when it needs to be adjusted. so i guess i'll just wait until that happens!

i'm not really getting my hopes up just yet for addison getting her helmet off early. i don't want to get all excited, then be told she has to go for 6 to 7 months. i'm pretty positive she won't have it off by her birthday, but i'm hoping maybe for christmas. i guess we'll see!