Monday, September 7, 2009

labor day weekend

so, my days are officially messed up. starting school last week kind of confused me, and now having off today is even more confusing. i keep thinking i have class tomorrow, but i don't. hopefully i won't wake up in the morning thinking that. i'm glad i have a 4 day weekend though! it's given me a lot of time to do homework and stuff around the house. i might start on laundry tonight, but i always have tomorrow!

since it's labor day, i decided to make more macaroni salad. the recipe is's really good! i thought i made enough to last at least a week the last time i made it, but chris decided he loves it and ate it all. i got some, but not as much as he got. so, i decided to make more. and i also made deviled eggs and brownies. i'll put some recipes for those on here sometime.

saturday, my mom came over and brought chris and i a gift. well, it's more for me, since i'll use it more. but chris likes looking at it. it's a kitchen aid mixer! it's beautiful. i made brownies in it, and it was so much easier. i did make a bit of a mess, but i learned my lesson. use the guard around the bowl!