Tuesday, September 8, 2009

bye bye cast

addison was being nosey yesterday.....
so today was the big day. chris and i got up bright and early this morning to take addison to her doctor appointment. it was with the orthopedic doctor. they were going to cut her cast off and take an x-ray, then see if she needed another cast. i really didn't want her to have to get another cast and i told myself that surely she wouldn't have to get another one.

when we went to see the doctor the first time, our appointment had to be fit in, and his office was packed. so for this appointment, i decided to get the first one. which was at 7 a.m. addison doesn't get up until 8:15-8:30, and then she eats breakfast after that. so i didn't know how well it would go getting her up early. i wanted to wait until the last possible minute to wake her up, because i didn't want to interrupt her sleeping. i mean, i don't like having my sleep interrupted, so i figured she wouldn't either.

she did not want to get up this morning. chris undressed her and i changed her diaper, and she still wouldn't wake up. finally, she woke up. and she was in a pretty good mood. i had everything packed up, so we just left right after we had her changed.

we were the first people in the doctor's office, so i knew the day was going to go well. my dad met us there, because we didn't know how long it would take and chris had to leave for work at 8. we went back with the nurse and she sawed off addison's cast. i think i was more afraid than addison was. addison just stared at her while she used the machine.
they had an x-ray machine in their office, so we didn't have to go to the out patient imaging center like we had to the last time. we just took her across the hall and had her x-ray and then waited about a minute and the doctor came to see us. he said her leg looked great and there was no need to put a cast on it! yay! i'm so glad babies heal so fast.

she doesn't really seem to notice that her cast is gone. maybe now she'll be able to crawl. we'll see!