Monday, September 28, 2009


i will just go ahead and say it. my dog is weird. i think he thinks he's a cat. or still a puppy. but he definately doesn't think he's as big as he really is. case in point...this picture.

i know he loves me, but does he seriously have to get in the chair with me? i mean, on the couch it's different. but in the tiny chair?

i remeber the day chris and i got him. we had to drive out to the country to get him. and i thought we were either going to get lost or get killed. luckily, it was neither. he was so cute and little. and now he's huge. he's still cute though. unless he's annoying me. then he's just annoying, not cute.

chris kept him at his apartment and in a cage at night and during the day when he wasn't there. he wasn't trained well enough to be out on his own. once he got bigger, he got pretty rowdy too. sometimes we would let him sleep out of the cage, but he would chew stuff. like clothes, the tv stand, the door, and pretty much anything he could get ahold of. his cage was right against the wall, and he ended up licking a hole in the wall. it was pretty funny.

when chris and i moved in together, tybee calmed down a lot. he's really chill around me. we still kept him caged, but we decided to let him sleep out of the cage one night. and he did fine. so we kept it up. but we still caged him when we left the apartment. then one day, i came home and he was out. i thought he had gotten out of his cage, but chris had just left him out. and he did fine with that too. so we never caged him again. and now that we're at the house, he just goes to sleep when we leave. he's not much of a guard dog. when we come home, he doesn't even come see who it is. he could care less.

although he is very large, he likes to cuddle. he used cuddle on the couch with me. i think he misses that now. he doesn't get to as much because of addison. but i still try to give him some attention. he will lay on the couch with anyone. and he doesn't lay beside you, he'll lay in your lap. imagine that. and he sleeps in bed with us. guess who's side of the bed he sleeps on...mine! so chris gets half of the bed, i get a quarter, and tybee gets a quarter. but it works out because i usually sleep all curled up. and when i want to stretch out, tybee just jumps down and sleeps on the floor.

here are some pictures of tybee cuddling with chris :)