Thursday, September 10, 2009

wow. i have changed

i used to hate to do certain things that i now find easy and sometimes actually enjoy doing.
some of those things are:

washing dishes
giving addison a bath

i'm sure there are more, but i can't think of them right now.

i used to hate cleaning. well, i used to hate cleaning my house/room. i didn't mind helping my friends clean their house/room when i was hanging out with them. and i used to clean chris' apartment a lot too. but now that we have a house, i don't mind cleaning. i like to have a clean house. i guess doing dishes and vacuuming go with cleaning. i used to hate doing the dishes. but now, i would rather hand wash the dishes than use the dishwasher. i just like having the warm water on my hands. i'm weird, i know. vacuuming. what can i say about that? chris got a dyson (the one with the ball on it). i never really vacuumed at the apartment, because you couldn't see tybee's hair that bad. but at the house, we have hardwood floors. so you can see the hair just sitting there. i vacuum every day now. since addison is on the floor a lot, i don't like her getting doggy hair on her toys and in her hands. so now it's just second nature to vacuum. addison a bath. i used to totally hate doing that. she was so tiny. i had to get the bathtub out, set it up, give her a bath, clean up. it was such a pain. now that addison has her own bathroom, she has a bath seat in her bathtub. and since she has her helmet, i have to wash her hair every night. so she gets a bath every night. she loves bath time. and i love it now, too.

well, i say i enjoy cooking as if i actually do it a lot. i cook boxed pasta, like macaroni and cheese and pasta roni. i can bake a potato. yup, that's about it. but i don't really mind doing it anymore. i can make macaroni salad, deviled eggs and brownies. all of those things are home made. maybe i'll learn to cook more, maybe not. i'm happy cooking what i know how to cook.

speaking of cooking, i haven't had dinner. i think i'll go grab something (in the kitchen of course) and watch some of the Titan's game. GO TITANS!


Judi said...

Sounds like you are in a happy place in your life with a sweet family. I can see why you enjoy taking good care of it.