Saturday, September 5, 2009

it's football time!

i like football. more specifically, i like college and pro football. i'm not a die hard fan, but i do have teams that i cheer for. in the NFL, i cheer for the titans. hmmm i wonder why?? my dad has had season tickets for 10 years, so i've been to a lot of games. addison has also been to some games too (she was still in my belly though...that counts, right?). but i'm sure she'll go to lots of games with us when she gets a little bigger.

now let's talk about college football. i'm not going to pick just one team. maybe if i had gone to a big school with a good team, i'd feel differently. but i didn't, so i cheer for teams in the SEC. chris is a die hard georgia fan. and my dad is a tennessee fan. two of my cousins went to flordia. so i have people all over the SEC. but i'll just cheer for them all. i cheer for georgia when i'm with chris to make him happy :)

addison cheers for daddy's team

tybee got a hold of daddy's hat
i think this is his way of cheering for georgia :)


Judi said...

Are you sure Tybee isn't trying to destroy the evidence of a Georgia fan in the house?:)

bailey said...

that is quite possible. they did lose yesterday. maybe he's embarrassed. don't tell chris i said that though!

Thad said...

Being 'man's best friend', he's trying to keep Chris from embarrassing himself!