Tuesday, September 22, 2009

birthday time!

a lot of people i know had babies all around the same time. i knew 2 people that had babies in may, 2 in september, 2 in october, me in november, 1 in december, 1 in february, and then a few more in the spring. it's like everyone got pregnant all at the same time. it's pretty crazy. and i know someone else who is due right around addison's birthday. and all but 2 of those were boys. so addison is going to have a lot of boys to chose from when she gets older :)

saturday was a big day for addison. she went to 2 of her little friend's birthday parties. both of them were turning 1. i can't believe in just 2 months addison will be 1. it makes me sad that my little girl is growing up.

the first birthday party we went to was from 10-12 at the park. it was for a little boy named caden. i've known his mom for a while. we went to middle school together and played sports together. once we both had babies, we reconnected. that's kind of how it happens. mommies find each other. haha. it was supposed to rain, but i'm glad it didn't. it had been raining all week, and it's raining all this week too! yuck! caden was all over the place at his party. he's not walking yet, but he's really close. he was in a walker and was just running in that thing. it was so cute! we weren't able to stay at the party very long because it was addison's nap time. she had been up since 8, and she's usually only up for 2 hours at a time. but she was happy to get to see caden, and she got to meet another little girl too!

the second party was from 2-4. both of the times worked out great, because they were right before addison's nap times. i didn't have to wake her up early to go any where, which was nice. she did better during the afternoon party. it was for kynlee. kynlee is soooo cute. she's been walking for a few months now. and she just turned 1!! i went to school with her mommy. they came over to our house a few months ago and kynlee just crawled everywhere and pulled herself up and everything. i was amazed to say the least. addison was just sitting then (and that's all she does now too. she's better at keeping her balance now though). kynlee would go say hi to everyone and she loved her cake. addison tried a piece of my chocolate cake, and she liked it! and by piece, i mean little pinches of it. i guess she gets her love for chocolate from her mommy :)

my mom had a brilliant idea for what to get kynlee for her birthday. i won't take any credit for it, because it never occurred to me to even do this. i guess it wasn't so much what to get her, but what to make her. we made her a tutu! it is super cute. and of course, we made addison one too! it was so easy. i was a little slow (i'm a perfectionist. or at least that's what i blame my slowness on). it was a no-sew tutu. my mom found a video on youtube of how to make it. i'll post it on here in a few days with some pics of addison in hers. maybe i'll start a tutu making business :)

i wish i had pictures from the birthday parties, but i don't. oops. i'll definitely have pictures of addison's 1st birthday though!