Tuesday, September 15, 2009

school, homework, sleep, repeat

this semester is going to be very interesting. i have 3 teachers in 5 different classes. one teacher i have had before, so i knew what to expect from him. but the others i had no clue about. i've started drinking coffee, and ended up making some at 5 o'clock last night. i had so much to do, and i was about to fall asleep. and it's only the 3rd week of class.

well, i'll just start with my economics class. i had the teacher before (a year and a half ago) for a different econ class. he is very monotone and has a very dry sense of humor. it was kind of fun watching the other people in my class react to his jokes. i knew they were jokes, but they didn't. i mean, you can't tell when he talks in the same tone the whole time! but, luckily for me, i know a girl in the class. so we're hopefully going to be able to work together and get good grades.

now, on to my biology class. let me just say, science is not my friend. it may be in my every day life, but not in the classroom. i had biology my sophomore year in high school, what...4 years ago. i understood it then, but my teacher was good and fun and made it easy to learn. but, i forgot it all. and now i'm stuck with my strange, always late, forget about class teacher. every day he talks about evolution and the big bang and all that stuff. i could care less what he believes, but i don't like hearing about it every day. he forgot we had class the other day, and then told us we should have waited for him. we all waited 25 minutes, then left. he told us we should have reminded him about class. ha! we all thought that was funny. i have him for my lab class as well, which is once a week...for two hours. but it's not that bad. we just do stuff and he doesn't talk that much. we have a test in 2 weeks, so we'll see how that goes.

let me be the first to say, i don't know anything about Tennessee history. i'm not going to lie. and i'm taking the class. it's my only online class. i have the same teacher for my Survey of American History class. let me tell you, there is a lot of reading. i started reading books early this year, but they were books i wanted to read. this stuff is stuff i don't want to read. the American History book isn't that bad. the author wrote it in a way that's easy for me to read. but the Tennessee History book is hard to read. and we also have to write an essay once a week for the TN history class, and then we have 4 essays over the semester for American history. the writing isn't that bad. it's just the reading. we have to read 1-2 articles a week. this week, the articles are 50 pages each. ughhh. i'll be drinking lots of coffee!

the first 2 weeks of class, i wasn't really tired. but i think it's catching up to me. i'm starting to get really tired in the afternoon. i wish i could nap, but i feel like i have so much to do that i can't waste that time. i try to do stuff in the morning in between me getting ready, but i can't really get much done. hopefully i'll adjust to this new schedule and get into a rhythm of doing school work.